A cinematic music

When composing, I've often taken up the challenge of translating certain natural phenomena into my own musical language. The movement of a galloping horse, for example, was the starting point for writing the track Animal Locomotion. The title is a tribute to the series produced by the British photographer Eadweard Muybridge at the end of the 19th century, in which he succeeded in sequencing the movement of animals. I was immediately impressed by his work and used it as the basis for my first trio album. In composing the music for Nova Rupta, my second album, I became more interested in the phenomena of volcanic eruptions and seismic movements. To talk about my music, I chose to use the term 'cinematic' because the notion of movement is at the heart of my approach as a composer and my technique as a pianist. Cinematic also refers to the idea of cinematic music.

I construct my pieces by looking at them like living organisms with their own cells, their own nuclei, their own evolution. For me, this transposition of life into music is inseparable from a reflection and work on the notion of movement. Whether it's the movement of animal locomotion, the movement of the tides, the breath of the wind, plate tectonics or swarms of starlings, it's this animation that inspires and fascinates me.


Lorenzo Naccarato is a Franco-Italian pianist and composer born in Cayenne (France) in 1989.
After studying classical piano, he went on to study musicology at university in Toulouse, where he conducted a research project on silence in the music of Thelonious Monk.
In 2016, he released his first album Lorenzo Naccarato Trio, recorded at the Cinémathèque de Toulouse, on the French label Laborie Jazz. Released in 2018, his second album, entitled Nova Rupta – the new eruption – continues his search for cinematic music. The imagination of telluric movements refers as much to the idea of a society in transition, at the dawn of a new eruption, as to the status of the artist seeking to capture and transcribe, like a seismograph, the vibrations of his time and his environment.
In 2021, he began a new musical project in which he explored the relationship between certain bird behaviours and musical composition. He is moving towards an evolving music, on the border between several aesthetics (jazz, classical, lo-fi, minimalist) in which he mixes the solo piano with endless cassettes and analogue machines.

Some key dates

    Lorenzo Naccarato Trio

  • Tours : Canada (2022), Equator (2018), China (2017), India (2017).
  • Lives : Jazz goes Föhr (Germany, 2019), Saint-Louis International Jazz festival (Senegal, 2019), Live France Musique (France, 2018), Studio de l’Ermitage (France, 2018), festival Jazz in Langourla (France, 2017).

    Piano Solo

  • Lives : Centre d’Art et de Design La Cuisine (France, 2021), Sammlung Domnick Stuttgart (Germany, 2019), Teatro Carlos Cuva Tamariz (Equator, 2018), Festival de l’Abbaye de Saint-Riquier (France, 2016).