Nova rupta — 2018

« Lorenzo Naccarato is back, with his trio. His second opus, Nova Rupta, proves worthy of the promises aroused by the first one in 2016. Better still, the group has gained in maturity. In cohesion. Without deserting an inch of what already made their seductive power. Namely that they disorientate the listener straightaway.They take him/her on a dreamlike journey. An enchanted – and enchanting – world. [...] »

Jacques Aboucaya

All compositions by Lorenzo Naccarato
Production Laborie Jazz
Executive producer Jean-Michel Leygonie
Recorded / mixed by Julien Robalo
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin – Studio Jonin
Artwork / Illustrations by Carnovsky
Artwork / Design by Bakélite

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio — 2016

« I got carried away by this album… »
France Musique - Banzzaï - Nathalie Piolé

« A real knack for construction and dramaturgy... the identity of a band is clearly present. »
Jazz Magazine

« In the top 20 of the best jazz albums of 2016. An opus full of lyrism, energy and invention »

« Lorenzo's album is a real joy to listen to, which happens much too rarely with albums nowadays. »
Fidélité Mayenne - Jazz à tous les étages

« This album is a nice piece of work... We're eagerly waiting for more​​. »
Citizen Jazz

« We absolutely recommend it. »
Culture Jazz