Nova rupta

new release — September 2018

deuxième album

Lorenzo Naccarato — piano & composition
Benjamin Naud — drums
Adrien Rodriguez — bass

This new disk called Nova rupta –the "new eruption"– follows on from a project initiated six years ago about the idea of kinematic music. The fantasy around telluric movements refers as much to the idea of a transitioning society about to erupt again, as to the position of the artist aiming at capturing and transcribing, like a seismograph, his era's and environment's vibrations. For the album's visual identity, we chose to work with Carnovsky, the Italo-Columbian duo of artists, who are also into patterns and dynamics. Their huge wallpapers consist in overlapping three different landscapes, each one in a primary color, that shift and come alive according to the colored light applied.
Thank you to all the people who contributed to the birth of this new musical "eruption".

Let's kinematic jazz !

Lorenzo, Adrien & Benjamin